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Custom T-shirt Printing

Custom t-shirt printing with amazing quality and attention to detail. Using only the highest quality print and materials.

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Fast T-shirt Printing

Having an iconic shirt collection is nothing if you can’t view it for an extended period of time. We’ll ship your apparel in amazing production time.

no mimumum order tshirt printing singapore


No Minimum Order T-shirt Printing

With no MOQ, you can just order the number of t-shirts that are needed for the event and then get them printed.


Make a statement with high quality garment printing in Singapore

We are a Singapore-based T-shirt printing company that offers custom garment printing to agencies and businesses of all sizes in Singapore, including bespoke T-shirt printing. We've been in business for seven years, so you can be confident that you're receiving high-quality clothing, lightning-fast turnaround times, and unrivaled versatility.

  • High Quality Result
  • Fast Turnaround
  • No Minimum Order
  • Strict Quality Control

Our Services

Our Printing Solution



DTG T-shirt Printing

DTG printing for T-shirt or garment produces soft, colorful prints without losing quality or efficiency. Direct-to-garment printing is suitable for full-color T-shirt printing applications.


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Embroidery is a terrific method to add a personal touch to your garments while also giving them a professional appearance and feel. We use industrial embroidery machines to bring your ideas to life.


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Cut & Sew

Printing on the cloth first, then cutting and sewing it, is a great option to bring out garment beauty. With our cut & sew service, you can add features that aren’t available with printing alone.


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vinyl t-shirt printing in Singapore


Vinyl Printing

Vinyl transfer T-shirts printing are incredibly popular because in Singapore to their fine detail, high quality finish, velvety feel, and incredible durability.


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Our Services

Singapore Printing Services


Corporate T-shirt Printing

Printing your company’s logo and slogan on clothes such as T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and polo shirts will ensure that your company’s name is well-known to the general public while also increasing morale and team spirit.


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Merch Printing

Having a unique design on your merch a great way to boost sales and brand exposure, our merch printed T-shirts will ensure your customers remember your brand.


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Uniforms Printing

We’ve printed uniforms for businesses in Singapore for companies, schools and organisations.. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a variety of printing methods.


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Events T-shirt Printing

High-quality custom printed T-shirts in Singapore will keep your company’s brand prominently visible at all times. We can help you whether you need printed T-shirts for marketing events, conferences, exhibitions, or sporting events.


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Need a Quality Custom T-shirt Printing Service in Singapore?.

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Common Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Printing from outside the Singapore takes more time than printing corporate T-shirt in Singapore. Prices may climb if you print from oversea due to high rent and manufacturing costs.Due to the limited space available for most Singapore printers, further constraints may include fewer printing possibilities, fewer garments, and lower printing capacity. Our experience has shown us that when working on a large project, it is advisable to search in Singaporefor printers with more capacity and a broader range of printing options.

You may be wondering why a Gildan T-shirt is less expensive than a Continental or Stanley/Stella T-shirt in Singapore. It's due to the outstanding quality of the work itself.Certain outfits are obviously more expensive than others, we only works with high-quality apparel. Some of the elements that determine the cost of a garment are as follows:The fabric's texture and composition. Organic cotton and eco-friendly choices will be more expensive than clothing containing a high percentage of synthetic polyester. The fabric's weight and density. Some clothing's composition and fabric layers are tailored for a specific printing operation, making them better at holding certain print techniques than others.

Average lead times for tshirt printing in Singapore, from project approval to delivery are:Vinyl Transfers: 5 to 7 business days. DTG: 5 to 7 business days.

Pick-ups are not permitted at the printing facility. However, you may be certain that as soon as your item becomes available, we will ship it to you as soon as feasible. We are not permitted to let visitors into our printing facilities, mostly for safety reasons due to the presence of heavy machinery.

At the moment, we can only offer a print only service for quantities over 1,000 units.

There is usually a discount for bulk purchases. You may save a lot of money by printing in bulk depending on the printing process and the kind of garment. For every additional page you print, you'll be saving more money.


Please Note

Highly recommended that client with a print job to book a 1-hour slot with us for the following services:


- Color correction (to ensure that the colors in the digital artwork prints at the shade that the client expects to get)

- Confirmation of artwork dimensions

- Confirmation of t-shirt/polo t-shirt fitting for sizes

- Confirmation of printing position onto the apparel


Opening hours to call in for corporate inquiries: Monday to Friday 10 am - 6pm

For urgent inquiries before 10am and after 6pm or weekends/public holidays, please WhatsApp to Seraphim @ 9114 3764 (messaging available only)

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