Personalised Workwear & Custom Uniform Printing in Singapore

With one the quickest turnaround time and highest quality uniform printing in Singapore, we provide high-quality custom polo shirts, embroidered polos, and other bespoke workwear options. We also export to countries all over the world. Let’s get started on the uniforms for your organization!

Print Work Clothes and Uniform that are completely unique to you.


Polo shirts and embroidery, like tea and cookies, are a timeless combination that no one can argue with or reject. This is a tried-and-true combination that has never failed me before. Our bespoke workwear collection includes a wide range of goods such as business shirts, fleeces, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies (both with and without full zips), and many more. We also have a vast selection of additional clothes that may be used for promotional purposes.


Suitable for All Size and Type of Business


We have a solution for any sort of business and their particular requirements. Contact us today to learn more. Everything you might possibly need is available in our product selection, which includes shirts for restaurant personnel, shirts for special events, shirts for retail businesses, and exquisite shirts for hotels and other professional services.


Different Type of Customized Uniform Printing


You are not need to follow the herd and wear the same old t-shirt or monogrammed polo as your uniforms as the rest of the class or organization.. In our online catalogue, we provide apparel goods for individuals of various ages and genders, including polo shirts, tee shirts, fleeces, and other items. To find out more about your options, get in touch with one of our representatives.


The following are the services that we also provide: Embroidery, direct to garment (DTG) t-shirt printing and vinyl transfers t-shirt printing.


Uniform Printing for Special Events and Marketing Opportunities


Because we are a business-to-business organization, we have a great deal of experience working with brand managers and event planners. Please get in touch with us if you are seeking for uniform for tradeshows and fairs. In addition, we specialize in large-scale t-shirt printing and would be delighted to assist you with your needs


Contact Us for t-shirt printing Singapore

Please Note

Highly recommended that client with a print job to book a 1-hour slot with us for the following services:


- Color correction (to ensure that the colors in the digital artwork prints at the shade that the client expects to get)

- Confirmation of artwork dimensions

- Confirmation of t-shirt/polo t-shirt fitting for sizes

- Confirmation of printing position onto the apparel


Opening hours to call in for corporate inquiries: Monday to Friday 10 am - 6pm

For urgent inquiries before 10am and after 6pm or weekends/public holidays, please WhatsApp to Seraphim @ 9114 3764 (messaging available only)

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