Corporate T-shirt Singapore Printing

For both agencies and in-house teams, our corporate T-shirt printing solution is rapid, efficient, and comprehensive. Furthermore, we are well-known for our quick delivery. We have always worked closely with our customers. Our team is ready to face any challenge.

Experts in Custom Corporate Clothing Printing


Because of our extensive product variety and ability to print in huge quantities, we can make one-of-a-kind promotional clothing for practically any occasion. We can fulfill any deadline thanks to our extensive shipping options and cutting-edge techniques. We have your back, regardless of how well-known you are or how new your business is.


Making Corporate T-Shirts using DTG


We can swiftly deliver large orders of personalized T-shirts thanks to direct to garment (DTG). Direct to garment printing in Singapore that has evolved and adapted to the current environment. We have access to some of the most advanced machinery in the industry. They employ large screens that can print several clothes quickly and effectively while maintaining quality, providing for a seamless supply chain. To speak with a printing specialist, please call or e-mail us!


As the quantity rises, the price per unit lowers.


Legendary is dedicated to delivering the greatest quality possible, especially when working in huge volumes. We can produce big volumes of clothing rapidly and without sacrificing quality thanks to our modern printing technologies.  As order size grows, the cost per unit decreases. We have relationships with both high-end and low-end distributors. From the cheapest to the most expensive.


Vinyl Transfer Printing may be used to create Corporate T-shirts.


Vinyl transfer t-shirt printing services is more sophisticated the design, the more expensive it will be to manufacture the screens for each color and print place using this approach.


Contact Us for custom t-shirt printing

Please Note

Highly recommended that client with a print job to book a 1-hour slot with us for the following services:


- Color correction (to ensure that the colors in the digital artwork prints at the shade that the client expects to get)

- Confirmation of artwork dimensions

- Confirmation of t-shirt/polo t-shirt fitting for sizes

- Confirmation of printing position onto the apparel


Opening hours to call in for corporate inquiries: Monday to Friday 10 am - 6pm

For urgent inquiries before 10am and after 6pm or weekends/public holidays, please WhatsApp to Seraphim @ 9114 3764 (messaging available only)

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