Print shop near me that prints t-shirt

When looking for a reliable print shop near me that prints t-shirt, there are many factors to consider. These include:

1. Consult with your company’s reunion planners and committee members who have already placed orders for t-shirts on the internet to get ideas for your own event.

2. Seek for a company that can handle anything from custom t-shirt printing and dtg printing, silk screen printing, vinyl transfer printing, as well as vehicle graphics and outdoor signage, as well as fleet graphics and fleet graphics, among other things.

3. Seek for work that is both reasonably priced shirt printing and of great overall quality. It is very necessary that you have both.

4. See whether their customer service is kind and easy to get in touch with by calling them. After making an order with a company, it is often difficult to get in contact with them. Make confident that you will not be affected by this problem.

5. Ensure that their t-shirt printing service is of high quality and integrity. Perhaps you and another member of your firm will go through the process together. Depending on your situation, this may be good and reduce some of the strain you are experiencing by yourself. Look for a company that has a great deal of experience in the custom t-shirt industry in Singapore.

7. Hire a company to manage your event shirt printing efforts if they have previous expertise with fundraising for corporate events shirt printing. Find out about their previous work experience and educational credentials.

The fact that an online t-shirt printing company does not need a minimum order is a wonderful convenience. This will be helpful to know at various points in the future. In order to reduce your delivery costs, seek for organizations that provide free or cheap shipping services. This is normally considered a plus. If you’re searching for a good price, seek for a company that will offer you a bulk discount. It’s always a good idea to look for methods to save a little money here and there.

Choose a Singapore t-shirt printing company that offers a large range of pre-designed tees from which you can choose. Make use of a second pair of eyes to examine the numerous notions.

If you are looking for a print shop near me in Singapore, consider our t-shirt printing services here. You can also check out custom t-shirt printing service here

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Please Note

Highly recommended that client with a print job to book a 1-hour slot with us for the following services:


- Color correction (to ensure that the colors in the digital artwork prints at the shade that the client expects to get)

- Confirmation of artwork dimensions

- Confirmation of t-shirt/polo t-shirt fitting for sizes

- Confirmation of printing position onto the apparel


Opening hours to call in for corporate inquiries: Monday to Friday 10 am - 6pm

For urgent inquiries before 10am and after 6pm or weekends/public holidays, please WhatsApp to Seraphim @ 9114 3764 (messaging available only)

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